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Brain Injury Resource Lecture at The George Washington University

I am thrilled to be in Washington DC today to again lecture at the Master's Degree Program in the Center for Education and Human Services Acquired Brain Injury Masters program at The George Washington University.

This semester’s lecture is focused on examining the various sources of information that is available on the internet in the area of traumatic brain injury. We will be exploring government web sites such as the Center For Disease Control and the National Institute of Health, great brain injury resource sites such as BrainLine, web sites that emphasize management of sports concussions, web sites that provide useful information on special education, various neuropsychological accrediting groups, brain injury association pages, brain injury professional societies and of course the brain injury news and information blog and brain law and the brain injury legal guide web site.

The Master's Degree Program in Special Education: Emphasis in Acquired Brain Injury is focused in addressing the national shortage of special education and related service personnel qualified to meet the needs of students with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and their families. Graduates are uniquely prepared to be educators and systemic improvement specialists in schools, hospitals, rehabilitation programs, advocacy programs, and related organizations. Scholarship support for qualified students is available. You can obtain more information on the GW Acquired Brain Injury Program by clicking here.



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