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Aphasia Awareness Month

Aphasia, an impairment in the ability to use (speak) words or comprehend words frequently occurs as a result of a traumatic brain injury or other head injury. June has been designated National Aphasia Awareness Month.

Aphasia can affect multiple functions of the brain including:

  • auditory comprehension (understand words said to you)
  • verbal expression (expressing your want and needs)
  • reading comprehension (understanding written words)
  • written expression (writing words)

The type and extent of impairment with aphasia differs from person to person and is highly dependent on the degree of damage to the brain and the location of the brain damage.

The National Aphasia Association is a not for profit association committed to assist persons suffering from aphasia and to supply useful information.  They sponsor support groups to assist victims of aphasia and their families.  More information can be obtained from the aphasia association web site where they list support groups throughout the country.



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Tabitha Ngigi

My 18 year old son suffered brain injury following an accident whislt praying football in school and following this injury he was diagnosed with: Aphasia. Can i sue the school for negligence? we live in Nairobi. Kenya

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