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Training Coaches on Concussion Signs and Symptoms

A bill has been introduced in the California legislature that would require all school coaches to be trained in detecting the signs and symptoms of concussions and othersignificant brain trauma as well as in the second impact syndrome.  The legislation was introduced in the California assembly by Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, D-Haywood.

Reportedly, at least 13 states require coaches to complete a training program, although it is unclear if these states require that information on concussions and their management be included in the training.

The unfortunate death of Natasha Richardson and the delays in obtaining medical care point to the need to educate coaching staff to the dangers of concussions and other types of brain injuries.  Many of these individuals, although well meaning have not been adequately trained in the area of concussion management.  The stakes are just too high and all coaches need to be trained in how to both recognize a concussion, the long term dangers associated with concussions and the importance of seeking immediate medical care as well as the important issue of when it is appropriate to allow an individual to return to play.



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