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Important Information to Aid Families With Discharge From Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Rehabilitation Facilities

The United Hospital Fund wants to make you aware of a new resource,  Next Steps In Care which provides information ot patients and family members regarding the important information necessary to make informed decisions when someone is about to be discharged from a hospital, nursing home or rehabilitation facility. This website is designed to help family caregivers and health care providers to work more effectively together to ensure safe and smooth transitions between care settings.

Any one who has ever had to plan a discharge following a traumatic brain injury knows how frustrating this process is.  While the site does not specifically address the needs of those who suffered from a brain trauma and the unique demands and problems associated with brain injury rehabilitation, it does provide some useful general information.

Currently, the website has 16 guides and checklists for family caregivers (in English and Spanish) and three specifically for providers, as well as additional materials.

Transitions occur when patients move from one care setting to another, for example, from a hospital to home or rehab facility, or when home care agency services start and end. Patient transitions are often complicated, rushed, and beset by errors or misunderstandings.




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