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New Neuroanatomy Application For I Phone

Thanks to medGadget for alerting me to this cool new application for I Phones that will enable you to see the human brain in three D with identification of over 200 regions.

Here is an excerpt from the device's product page:

Cerebrii is an interactive neuroanatomy tool put together by a student for fellow neuroscience students and enthusiasts. Using simple controls, Cerebrii allows you to navigate through 12 functional layers of the brain and select any of the 200+ regions with a simple double-tap. A guided review mode is available to direct you through the 600+ questions ranging from simple identification to more in-depth physiologic functions. For an added challenge, the exam mode is available to test you on the information you've learned from the review. Thanks to its extensible design, the number of total questions will continue to grow with each future release of Cerebrii.

You can even try out an online demo of this application.  Now all I need is an I Phone!



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