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Long Term Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury In Children

Thanks to the Child Psychology and Reserach Blog for tipping me off to an article published in the Journal Pediatrics entitled, Longitudinal Trajectories of Postconcussive Symptoms in Children With Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries and Their Relationship to Acute Clinical Status.  PEDIATRICS, 123 (3), 735-743.

The current study reports that the prognosis for children with TBI is not as positive as it was once thought, specially when the TBI is accompanied by acute clinical symptoms. In fact, 21% of the children who experienced a TBI will continue to show somatic, cognitive, and emotional difficulties as long as 12 months after injury. Yet, on a positive note, the study does indicate that 64% of kids that suffered a mild TBI will not experience any postconcussive symptoms.



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