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Good News For Boxer Who Was In Coma

Boxer Oscar Diaz has been released from a hospital seven months after being beaten into a coma during a nationally televised fight according to a report in USA Today.,

Diaz had remained hospitalized since awakening from the coma in September. He has been released to a brain rehabilitation center for further treatment.  Although he can sit up in a chair and responds to commands, he still cannot walk or talk and will require months or years of rehabilitation. 

This is just one of many boxers who have sustained severe traumatic brain injury in the ring.  Even though physicians are present during a fight, these brain injuries are difficult to detect and impossible to prevent.  Thought has to be given to increasing the protective gear that all fights are required to wear and even banning boxing. If these injuries cannot be detected or prevented, the risk of injury may be just to great to allow this "sport" to continue.



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