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Coma-Vegetative State-Minimally Conscious State: How Do We Know?

One of the most frustrating aspects of evaluating individuals as they emerge from a coma is their level of awareness.  An interesting article appears in this month's on line Scientific America entitled, "Understanding Consciousness: Measure More, Argue Less"  The article discussed the progress in unraveling the mind-body problem and the development of new and ingenious ways to measure consciousness.  You can read the  full article by clicking here.



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Anwer Kamal Pasha

As far as my personal experience and observation concerns having great personal intrest as a father of a patient I feel that there is a difference between coma and condition of PVS or MCS patients after trauma.That may be a shock like spinal shock. Doctors often do not believe to the view of the family and friends about the consciousness of the patients but now improvement/recovery of my son Jawad Pasha and one Muhammad Hussin of Pishin Quetta Pakistan is proving the view.

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