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Drowning--New Swimming Pool Safety Requirements

Drowning and near drowning are a leading cause of death and brain injury.  Many of these unfortunate incidents could be presented if swimming pools had proper anti-drowning drain covers and suction cut off devices installed.  These covers and suction cut off devices are designed to prevent children from being caught in the swimming pool drain as a result of strong suction

Under a new federal regulation which took effect on Saturday, public swimming pools and hot tubs are required to install special devices that will prevent drain suction from trapping children under water.

The rules apply to pools and spas used by the public, including municipal pools and those at hotels, private clubs, apartment buildings and community centers.
The improved drain systems were outlined in legislation passed by Congress a year ago. Pool and spa operators had a year to comply; Friday was the deadline for installing the new equipment.

These regulations apply to adult pools as well as public baby pools and wading pools and in-ground spas.

While retrofitting of private home pools are not required by this new federal law, it is strongly recommended that pool owners contact their pool companies and have their pools examined to determine if safety changes are needed. We have recently consulted on a case where a child became caught in a drain installed in a new home.  The pool company failed to install proper drains and suction devices which would have prevented this needless tragedy from taking place.   

The legislation bans the manufacture, sale or distribution of drain covers that don't meet anti-entrapment safety standards.  New models use a hump-shaped drain cover rather than the flat style that more easily attains suction with a child's body. Pools with just one drain also are required to install a second drain system, or external shut-off.



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This is really interesting. This week we are having our pool refinished and the guys doing the work today brought us a new cover, and installed it citing that there were new codes requiring it.

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