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Interstate Trucking Accidents and Brain Injury

I've just returned from Atlanta where I gave a presentation on Traumatic Brain Injury to The Association of Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America and the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association.  Our law firm has handled many brain injury cases that were caused by a big truck wreck.

Because many brain injuries occur as a result of big rig accidents and are frequently overlooked because lawyers are concentrating on the obvious orthopedic injuries sustained in these accidents, my presentation was devoted to educating these attorneys on some of the signs and symptoms of brain injury and concussions, understanding that many symptoms following a concussion are not immediately evident and may take days or weeks to become apparent, the need to have a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment and the long term consequences of this invisible injury.

I was particularly honored to have been asked to become a member of the National Advisory Board of the Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America and will actively work with this national group of attorneys who represent victims of trucking accidents to improve roadway safety and protect the rights of victims of truck accidents.

Did you know that each year over 5,000 men, women and children are killed on America's highways as a result of a crash with a big truck?  This is unacceptable.  Far too often, these truck wrecks were cause by the violation of government safety laws which are designed to regulate tractor trailers and other interstate trucks.  These regulations govern truck speed, truck safety devices, proper truck maintenance, truck driver training, the number of hours that truck drivers can remain behind the wheel and proper background checks by the trucking company on their drivers both before being hired and thereafter on a periodic basis.

The law firm of DE CARO & KAPLEN, LLP is well versed in these trucking regulations and has experience in representing the victims of interstate truck accidents.



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Jeff noble

trucking laws do nothing to prevent truck driving accidents and here is why. The flaws are two part. The first is that they are too heavily focused towards the driver. The second is that they don't address the single most important flaw in the trucking industry that is causing the accidents. The single biggest reason for trucking accidents is rate per mile. Put drivers on salary based on number of years experience and you will immediately reduce the number of accidents by 80 percent.

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