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Medicaid Assistance following a brain injury

One of the most important resources for persons with a brain injury are the health and rehabilitation benefits provided by Medicaid. New York has been the leader in establishing home based care for victims of brain injury through its Medicaid waiver program.  This program will fund services in the community which in the past would only be funded if provided in a nursing home setting. 

The Medicaid  benefits are "needs based" meaning that in order to qualify, your income must be below certain set levels.  These low income levels has made it very difficult for many individual to receive needed assistance.

Medicaid has now raised the Resource Level to $13,050 for a single individual and to $19,200 for a couple on Medicaid.  The increase of the Medicaid resource allowance from $4,350 to $13,050 for a single individual (and from $6,400 to $19,200 for a couple) may make it easier for some individuals and couples to qualify for Medicaid, and to access Medicaid nursing home and home care services including the traumatic brain injury home based waiver program in New York State.

You can obtain more information on the New York State Medicaid Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver program by going to the Brain Injury Waiver web page



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