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Traumatic Brain Injury: Call for Abstracts

The North American Brain Injury Society (NABIS) has announced that they are the accepted articles for publication in conjunction with their Sixth Annual Conference on Brain Injury October 2-4, 2008 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The articles  will be published in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation.

I  am pleased that I have been invited to do another presentation on ethical issues faced by attorneys representing individuals with traumatic brain injury at the conference.  The NABIS Annual Meeting attracts both health care professionals and attorneys from North America.  Their are two tracks at the conference,  The medical track focuses on the latest developments in brain injury research, treatment and rehabilitation.  The legal track focuses on topics of interest to the legal profession in representing persons who have sustained a traumatic brain injury.

All submitted abstracts will be scored by a Peer Review Abstract Committee.  NABIS values sessions that present current and best practices, including information that compliments the Conference’s topic tracks (Research/Science, Medical/Clinical and Life-Long Living) as well as innovative approaches to brain injury assessment, treatment, intervention and rehabilitation.  Also of interest are abstracts addressing brain injury caused by blast and meeting the needs of returning veterans.  Awards will be given to the top scoring presentations.

NOTE: The deadline for submitting an abstract is June 13, 2008.

To submit an abstract or for more information on the Conference, click here.



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