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New Developments in Sports-Related Concussion Conference

The University  of South Florida, College of Medicine has just announced their program for a sports-concussion conference entitled "New Developments in Sports-Related Concussion Conference" scheduled for July 24-25, 2008 at The Sheraton Station Square, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

New knowledge on sport-related concussions has developed in recent years and athletic trainers and medical professional have had to rethink how they manage sport-related concussion. This conference features internationally recognized experts in concussion management and will focus specifically on new and innovative strategies for the evaluation and treatment of sports-related concussion. 

The conference planners list the following objectives for conference participants:

- Classify biomechanical, neurometabolic and neurobehavioral aspects of concussion.
- Explain appropriate on-field concussion diagnostic and return-to-play protocols.
- Compare and contrast new brain imaging diagnostic techniques for the management of concussion.
- Analyze the role of the computerized neuropsychological testing in making return-to-play decisions.
- Assess current treatment options for sports-related concussion and post-concussion syndrome.
- Implement a concussion management program at the professional, college or high school level.

Concussion conference registration information is available by clicking here.



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