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Frustrations of a Brain Injury Survivor

Victims of brain trauma face constant frustration with the accommodations that are made available to them. Frustration abounds because assistance for brain injured individuals is not supplying a wheel chair, crutches or other means of physical assistance.

Dan Windheim, a brain injury survivor has written a poem describing the frustration that he has faced in the many years since suffering a traumatic brain injury.  It is a forceful message for all to read:

IS THE ADA FOR ME?  by Dan Windheim

It works for many, but not me.
Anger, frustration,disillusionment, more anger
Misunderstanding? My understanding-
Assist me in attaining employment; level the playing field so to speak.
A reasonable accommodation they say; but who is they, and can I be accommodated?
A ramp, an elevator, an accessible bathroom, helpful to many;
but not me.
Disinhibition, short term memory loss, poor reasoning skills.
Burden to many; to me too.
A long 20 years; many opportunities, many interviews, many rejections.
Misunderstood,cheated, misjudged,; a firestorm of emotion
Searched here, searched there, just searching. Only searching.
A void in my life; an emptiness, a nothingness (a feeling not a word)
Where do I go, what do I do? Does anyone have the answer;
is there an answer?
So I continue to move, go on with my life; talking and writing,
and waiting.



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