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Brain Injury and the Problems in Life

Traumatic brain injury has long been known as the "invisible injury" and the multitude of those suffering from it's consequences have been referred to as the "silent epidemic"

An important web cast exploring these issues will take place this Thursday, May 22nd from 2pm to 3:30pm EDT entitled  “Unidentified TBI: The Importance of Finding Those Who “Get Lost” and Those “Not Found”.”

Dr. Wayne Gordon from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, whose research into the societal cost of TBI was the basis for an article in “The Wall Street Journal,” will be the speaker.  This web cast is funded by the Federal TBI Program.

The web cast will focus on the link between a previous brain injury and problems later in life.  This will provide an excellent opportunity to collect information to describe the importance of identifying TBI and to illustrate the long-term cost to society.  State agencies, Protection and Advocacy Systems, and Statewide TBI Advisory Boards/Councils will be able to use this information to capture the attention of State agencies to assist with raising brain injury awareness and securing funding.

Participation in this web cast takes place exclusively through the Internet. You can register for the event  by clicking here



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