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Brain Injury Legislative Update

The following legislative update was prepared by the Brain Injury Association for next week:

Dear Advocates:

Defense issues are expected to be the focus of legislative activity next week, as the Senate plans to debate the war supplemental bill, while the House plans to consider the fiscal 2009 defense authorization bill (H.R. 5658).

Earlier this week, the House passed an amendment related to the war supplemental bill containing a provision, strongly supported by the Brain Injury Association of America, which would delay implementation of seven harmful Medicaid regulations proposed by the Bush Administration.  BIAA will continue to advocate in favor of maintaining this provision in the war supplemental bill as it is considered by the Senate next week.

Also next week, floor consideration of a possible final version of the fiscal 2009 budget resolution (S. Con. Res. 70) could also take place, as Congress works to accomplish legislative goals before leaving town for a week-long Memorial Day Recess beginning on Monday, May 26.

Final passage of a budget resolution would include the establishment of official funding allocations for the fiscal 2009 Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations bill, which funds multiple TBI-related programs, including programs authorized through the TBI Act.



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