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Army Vets Not Receiving Adequate Care According to Audit of Veteran's Affairs

The Associated Press reports that a report of the VA's inspector general found that many Iraq war veterans with traumatic brain injury are not getting adequate health care and job assistance for their long-term recovery despite years of government pledges to do so.

The VA Inspector General reports that "Significant needs remain unmet," In one out of four patients, the the study reports that those suffering from traumatic brain damage were not receivign needed help for health care, vocational rehabilitation, family support or housing. Some  patients specifically cited trouble in getting primary or specialty eye care, while others reported gaps with family counseling for problems such as depression and anger.

"We continue to be concerned that all veterans discharged after inpatient rehabilitation for TBI receive case management, unless this has been explicitly denied by the patient," investigators stated, adding that they will continue monitoring the VA to ensure Iraq war veterans are receiving the care they need.

The failure to provide these brain injured veterans with necessary services is a national disgrace!  It is hard to believe that even after all of this publicity and all of the promises by the VA,  these veterans are still being deprived of necessary services.



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