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Wrestling Association to Institute Concussion Management and Awarness Program

I just received word from my friend, former WWE star Chris Nowinski and the Sports Legacy Institute the the Wrestling Association is about to institute a concussion management and concussion awareness program.

At a mandatory meeting for all performers in early March WWE performers took a computerized neuropsychological testing protocol, which evaluates such things as memory, cognitive skills, and reaction time. They will be re-tested aggressively every 6 months to look for long term issues, as well as re-tested after suspected concussions to help determine when it is safe to return to in-ring action.

Chris and the Sports Legacy Institute he founded have been instrumental in changing the attitudes of professional and amateur athletic teams about the importance of concussion awareness and proper concussion management.  They should be congratulated for their hard work.  Similarly, congratulations to WWE for taking a proactive step in protecting the health of their athletes.



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