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Epilepsy Seminars in New York City

Epilepsy and seizure disorders frequently develop as a result of a traumatic brain injury or a traumatic head injury.  These disorders may develop in the days, weeks or even in the first year following a head or brain injury.

New York University's Department of Epilepsy continues its "EVENING EPILEPSY LECTURE SERIES".  They have requested that I post information concerning their upcoming epilepsy programs.

Monday, April 28th – Dr. Jacqueline French “Side Effects of Anti Epileptic Drugs”

Monday, May 12th – Dr. Siddartha Nadkarni “Cognitive and Behavioral Problems in Epilepsy”

All seminars are held at  NYU Medical Center 550 First Avenue, New York, Smilow 1st floor seminar Room at  6:00-7:00pm



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