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University of Central Florida Announces New College Academic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program

Then University of Central Florida (UCF) has announced that it is is launching a TBI Program to provide academic rehabilitation to college students suffering from a traumatic brain injury. According to UCF it is the first university in the country to offer such a program on campus, and its leaders believe it will become a national model.

The program also will give graduate students studying communication disorders the opportunity to learn key techniques and therapies to help people master the long-term mental challenges related to TBI. They will be able to take courses on TBI beginning in the summer and will learn by working side-by-side with their supervisors.

Depending on the severity of the injury students may experience difficulties remembering information, taking accurate and complete notes, demonstrating knowledge on exams and organizing their study time. The treatment teaches students strategies that allow them to think effectively using the brain systems that are still healthy.

The cost of treatment, which isn’t typically covered by insurance, runs about $70,000 for about 400 clinical hours. But in Florida, those who have been diagnosed with TBI can get treatment paid for by a special state fund for rehabilitation of brain and spinal cord injuries according to the University.

You can read the full news release regarding this program by clicking here.



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