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Traumatic Brain Injury and Senior Citizens: New CDC Publications

As you may know, falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and people ages 75 and older have the highest rates of TBI-related hospitalizations and death.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) wants to improve the ability of children and other caregivers of older adults to prevent TBI from occurring and to recognize and respond appropriately should their loved one sustain a TBI.

Therefore, CDC has developed the "Help Seniors Live Better, Longer: Prevent Brain Injury" initiative, an exciting new communication campaign designed to raise awareness about ways to prevent, recognize, and respond to fall- related TBI in older adults.  CDC plans to launch the initiative in March
2008 during Brain Injury Awareness Month.  To support local activities surrounding the “Help Seniors Live Better Longer: Prevent Brain Injury” initiative, CDC has developed the “Event Planning” and “Media Access” guides, which are available online .

These guides are designed to assist with planning and hosting successful community events and working effectively with the media to raise awareness about this serious public health issue.  The 36-page “Event Planning Guide” includes suggestions and tools for planning and organizing a community event, for enlisting partners, and for promoting and evaluating an event.

The 64-page “Media Access Guide” includes tips and tools, such as talking points and templates for press releases and media advisories, to help you work with your local media to get valuable news coverage for the activities you plan in support of this national effort.

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