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Has the Senate Forgot About The Way The NFL Handles Traumatic Brain Injury Claims?

The Senate Judiciary Committee in addition to examining the destruction of tapes by the NFL, needs to look at how the NFL and their disability fund handles claims of traumatic brain injury.

I am hopeful that the Senate committee and Senator Specter who has been getting a good deal of attention on his questioning of Commissioner Goodell on the missing tapes, spend as much time on looking at the issues of why brain injured players are not receiving the compensation they so justly deserve.  Senator Spector is quoted as saying, "We have the right to have honest football games."  We also have the right to have an honest assessment of a player's disability.

The committee needs to address the deference under ERISA laws that courts give to the paid experts for hire retained by the league to defeat the claims of players.  Despite overwhelming evidence of permanent traumatic brain injury, the league is permitted to seek paid experts to offer opinions that are flawed and based upon antiquated science.  Yet, because of the way ERISA is written, the league is given "unfettered discretion" to rely upon any expert of their choice.

This law and its interpretation defies principles of due process and needs to be changed to protect players and all injured workers.



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