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Can A Monitor Prevent Brain Damage During Surgery?

An interesting article appeared in USA Today concerning a monitor that can determine oxygen saturation in the brain during surgery. 

Although this monitor has been in existence for over ten years, it still faces resistance from some doctors who still question it usefulness.

In the past I have represented individuals who have sustained anoxic brain damage during surgery as a result of poor anesthesia techniques and poor monitoring of a patient's blood pressure.  Any device that will warn physicians when the brain is not receiving sufficient quantities of oxygen is a welcome addition to efforts to improve patient safety.

The device discussed in the article will detect subtle changes in the amount of oxygen reaching the brain and cause increases in blood pressure and blood flow to the brain so that sufficient oxygen reaches it.  The brain is extremely sensitive to oxygen deprivation.  After only a few minutes without sufficient supplies of oxygen, brain damage will start to occur.

You can read the full story by clicking here.



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