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Brain Injury Association Legal Conference

I am pleased to have been selected to speak at the Brain Injury Association of America's legal conference to be held in Las Vegas, Nevado from April 3-April 4, 2008. The conference is entitled: Brain Injury Litigation Strategies 2008--Mastering the Science and Trial Strategies.  Some of the best brain injury attorneys in the country will be present at this conference. 

This will be a unique conference made up of both plaintiff's and defense attorneys designed to bring both sides together for an intelligent discussion and understanding of traumatic brain injury.

As a frequent speaker at brain injury legal conference's, I am extremely pleased to have been selected from attorney's throughout the country to speak at this meeting.  My topic will be: "turning defense tactics at trial to the plaintiff's advantage"

My presentation will focus on many of the "dirty" tricks utilized by insurance company lawyers in the courtroom that are designed to pursuade the jury that persons who have sustained brain injury really aren't injured or really did not sustain a brain damage at all.  I have confronted these tactics in the past and have been able to effectively deal with them. 

More information about this conference can be obtained from the Brain Injury Association of America web site.



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