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Pope Benedict XVI to visit hospital for brain injury patients

Here is an interesting news release from the Catholic News Agency.  I am hopeful that the Pope's visit will attract world wide attention to the rehabilitation of those in a coma as well as those suffering from other types of brain injury.

This coming Sunday, December 2, Pope Benedict will visit the Roman hospital of St. John the Baptist, which is run by the Knights of Malta and specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering from neurological disorders.

The Pope will celebrate Mass for the patients and their families before going on to visit the reanimation unit, one of the few Italian health care structures specifically dedicated to providing specialized therapy for patients recovering from comas.

The communications office of the Order of Malta relates that this event has a twofold historical significance: firstly that it is "the first visit by a Pope to this hospital," and secondly because the hospital itself has a long-standing link to the Holy Father, "being built on the site of the ancient 'Castello della Magliana,' used by Pontiffs for centuries as their summer residence."



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