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Interesting Brain Web Sites

Thanks to the Dana Foundation Press for pointing out the following interesting web sites devoted to the brain:

The Law and Neuroscience Project is  a collaborative project of more than two dozen universities that has received funding to help address concerning the brain including addiction, the violent brain and the persistent vegetative state.  Check out the resources tab at the Law and Neuroscience Project web site.

The Dana Foundation has launched a neuroethics page complete with news articles, podcasts and videos along with recommended reading. Check it out by clicking here.

There has been a lot of recent attention devoted to delirium and cognitive impairment sustained by patients in Intensive Care Units of hospitals.  Vanderbilt University has a study group devoted to this issue and has resources posted at its ICU Delirium study group web site including suggestive cognitive assessments for those who may be suffering from impairment as well as instructional videos.  The site can be found by clicking here.



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