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Children with Brain Injuries Can Benefit From New York State Brain Injury Association Web-Based Information and Resource Program

The Brain Injury Association of New York State BIANYS has launched LEARNet, a Web-based information and resource program, funded by the state Developmental Disabilities Planning Council.

Each year, more than 30,000 children become permanently disabled following a brain injury. Many more, often unaccounted for, appear to have recovered from their injuries only to have problems resurface later as they encounter increased social, academic and developmental challenges.

Problems can include behavior outbursts, cognitive changes and depression resulting in academic problems and alienation from peer groups.

LEARNet offers, along with resource information, a comprehensive problem-solving tool designed to help teachers and families find solutions to these often challenging and frustrating problems.

In addition to LEARNet, the association's Family Advocacy, Counseling and Training Services Program provides links for individuals injured before age 22 and their families with community-based services and supports.

FACTS coordinators throughout the state are on hand to educate the public about brain injury, available services and prevention.

For more information about LEARNet, the FACTS Program or any of the association's other programs, you can visit the association web site: Brain Injury Association of New York State , by phone at (800) 228-8201, by e-mail.



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