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Girls At Higher Risk for Sport Concussion Injuries

I am back from the North American Brain Injury Association (NABIS) conference on traumatic brain injury where I gave a talk to the lawyer's section on how to deliver an effective opening statement in a brain injury law suit and look forward to resuming my brain injury blog posts. 

Today's New York Times carries an important article entitled, Girls Are Often Neglected Victims of Concussions. The article reports on a study conducted at Ohio State University to be published in the Journal of Athletic Training which that concluded that girls take longer for their sports concussion symptoms to resolve and are more susceptible to concussions than boys are in the same sports.

The study found that girls playing high school soccer sustained concussions 68 percent more often than boys did and that female concussion rates in high school basketball were almost three times higher among girls than boys.  The study also found that girls consistently took longer for their post concussion symptoms to resolve.

While doctors are uncertain as to why the rates of concussions and the severity of symptoms are higher in girls than in boys, the primary theory is that girls may be more honest in reporting their symptoms and injuries than boys are.  Others also point to the fact that the neck muscles in girls are not as strong as boys so that the head is more prone to move upon impact. 

You can read the entire story by clicking here.   



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