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10-in-10 Project

I had the privilege this morning of having breakfast with Peter C. Kinney, the treasurer of a really good not for profit organization known as the 10 in 10 Project whose goal is to assist our brain injured troops and the civilian population who are living with brain injuries and are unable to afford or access the necessary assistance.

Through a fund raising program called Tickets of Hope they are raising funds to assist those in need and provide a kit known as the Brain Injury Recovery Kit produced by Day Timer which is a memory aid and planner for brain injured individuals.

Donations totaling $600 purchase one Ticket of Hope™

For each Ticket they sell the the 10 in 10 Project is able to provide:

  • One Brain Injury Recovery Kit™ shipped to the individual's home,
  • A support program for use of the Kit with the assistance of The Brain Injury Association of New Mexico, (BIANM)
  • Membership to the Chartered Affiliate Brain Injury Association in the individual's state to be guided to additional resources.

I look forward to working with this dedicated group of individuals on this project.

You can get further information by visiting the 10 in 10 Project web site. You can also e mail them for further information and to request assistance.



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