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Virginia Faulted on Care to Brain Injured

A report issued by a Virginia legislative review commission concluded that tens of thousands of people in Virginia with traumatic-brain injuries lack adequate residential facilities, access to therapy, transportation or occupational help. 

Further jeopardizing the already taxed system of brain injury care in Virginia is the prospect of returning veterans with brain damage who will also require care with no plans on how to deal with this growing epidemic. 

Unfortunately, Virginia is not the only State that lacks the proper resources to adequately care for the thousands of individuals who must live with a traumatic brain injury on a daily basis. Most states do not maintain proper statistics on the number of individuals who sustain brain injury in a give year and lack proper support services for brain damaged individuals and their families.  Rehabilitative services in many places are fragmented and not easily accessible.  Most states have improper levels of funding to support brain injury services and most individuals do not receive the services they deserve.

In Virginia, most if not all facilities will not accept Medicaid to pay for residential care.  In fact, the only facility in the state that does accept Medicaid payments for residential care for traumatic brain injury victims will stop accepting these patients later this month.

But, Medicaid funding is not the only issue.  Issues of private insurance and why these health insurers are not paying for brain injury rehabilitation services needs to be addressed.

You can read more about this 130 page report by clicking here.



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