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Thank you for brain injury legal advocacy award

I was honored to receive the Advocate of the Year award for my "advocacy in the filed of brain injury rehabilitation" which was presented to me following my lecture yesterday at the New York, Mid Hudson brain injury rehabilitation symposium sponsored by the Northeast Center for Special Care.

In my talk today I emphasized the need to treat all persons with brain injury and family members with RESPECT.  I also discussed the need to refocus are approach to brain injury and be more concerned with quality of life issues for those suffering the life long affects TBI.

Once  again, thank you for this award. I take great pride and satisfaction in the legal  assistance that I provide to many individuals with traumatic brain injury and their family members. Knowing that I have helped a person with TBI and their family obtain necessary services, obtain proper insurance reimbursement, deal with the bureaucratic maze, obtain proper legal compensation and justice within the legal system makes my job a joy. Advocating for persons with TBI in my eight years as president of the Brain Injury Association of New York State was a very moving and meaningful part of life.  As the new chair of the State traumatic brain injury services coordinating council, I look forward to working with the State of New York to further improve services for those suffering from a TBI.  I look forward to continuing my private as well as pro bono legal efforts on behalf of the brain injury community.   



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