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Senate Hearings on NFL Disability Plan

I will be in Washington, DC this Tuesday, September 18th to participate in the hearings conducted by the Senate Commerce Committee on the way that the National Football League and Player's association disability plan manages claims of disabling brain damage.

Having personally been consulted by numerous football player's who have been wrongfully turned down by the league, I can personally attest to the way that the deck is stacked against brain damaged players by the league.  The disability plan consistently ignores the evidence of brain injury presented by players; ignores prevailing medical opinions about brain injury, its cause and consequences and instead chooses to rely on "experts" bought and paid for by the league who improperly claim that the player is not brain injured or has no permanent disability. 

These so called "experts" wrongful state that their is no evidence of brain injury either because the player was never knocked unconscious or because the MRI and CT scans are normal or because they player can pass a mini mental status exam. It's time that these professionals be subject the rigors of cross examination.  The "heads I win, tails you lose attitude of the disability plan when it comes to evaluating evidence of concussions needs to change and it may be the time for Congress to step in and fix what the plan itself is incapable of correcting on their own.

Scheduled to testify on Tuesday are Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL Players Association executive director Gene Upshaw as well as Hall of Fame tight end and former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka, a critic of the plan as well as several players who claim they have wrongfully been denied disability benefits despite overwhelming evidence of brain damage.



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