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Mid Hudson, New York Brain Injury Conference

I look forward to participating this Thursday, September 20th in the 2007 Mid Hudson Brain Injury Rehabilitation Conference sponsored by the Northeast Center for Special Care.

I have been asked to provide the lead off presentation on the important topic of Ethical Considerations in Dealing with the Brain Injured Population.  It is a presentation that I enjoy giving to clinicians, lawyers and other professionals on the need to treat persons with a brain injury with RESPECT and an understanding of their cognitive strengths and weaknesses.  Some of the points that I will be making include the need to schedule appointments with extra time, the need to provide written information for individuals to take home so that they can go back and refer to the conversations that you had, the need to understand some of the unique challenges that face persons with a brain injury such as sensitivity to bright lights and distracting back ground sounds and the accommodations that need to be made, the need to understand that at times, behavior may not be what one is used to, the need to repeat and reinforce information presented and perhaps schedule follow up appointments. 

Other speakers throughout the day will focus their discussions on issues such as post traumatic stress disorder and brain injury, issues of addiction following a brain injury, biofeedback programs and visual disturbance following a traumatic brain injury.  You can get further information about the conference by downloading the conference brochure by clicking here.

The conference is scheduled to begin at 8:00 AM and run to 5:00 PM at the Holiday Inn in Kingston. You can register by telephone by contacting Deborah Muise at 845 336 3500 xt 3262



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