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Brain Autopsy of WWE Wrestler Benoit Shows Extensive Brain Damage

In a Manhattan press conference today, physicians associated with the Sports Legacy Institute announced their findings today concerning the examination of the brain of pro wrestler Chris Benoit who killed his wife, son and then himself.

Not surprisingly, the examination of his brain showed extensive areas of brain damage.  All four lobes of his brain showed extensive cell death which is consistent with the multiple concussions he sustained while engaged in professional wrestling.

Benoit's brain was examined by the research team which included noted neurosurgeons Julian Bailes and Robert Cantu who along with retired pro wrestler, Chris Nowinski, author of Head Games, established the Sports Legacy Institute to look at the mounting evidence of permanent brain damage caused by concussions sustained by athletes.  Head Games is an excellent source of information on the dangers and long term effects of concussions

The brain experts had not problem concluding that the brain damage they found were due to the multiple concussions that Benoit sustained. But, the physicians could not say with absolute certainty that this brain damage was the cause of Benoit's erratic behavior on the night of the murders. They did say however, that the this type of brain damage can cause depression and irrational behavior in an individual.  Similar brain abnormalities were also found on autopsy of the brains of other athletes who committed suicide including pro football player, Andre Walters.

A full report of the press conference can be found at ABC News



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