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New journal devoted to brain stimulation

The publication of a new journal devoted to the emerging science of brain stimulation has been announced.  The cross-disciplinary journal, titled Brain Stimulation:  Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research in Neuromodulation, will premiere later this year.

According to the publishers, Brain Stimulation will cover all aspects of this rapidly evolving field, from the most basic molecular research, to innovative technology and surgical techniques, to practical clinical studies.  The editorial focus will encompass all technologies and methods using any type of stimulation—electrical, magnetic, ultrasound, or pharmacological, and others—to affect brain function.  The goal will be to provide a single source for the most important studies in all areas related to neuromodulation, spanning scientific disciplines and medical and surgical specialties.

The journal will be published quarterly.

I look forward to reviewing this journal once it is published.



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