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Bob Woodruff Exposes The Tragedy of Traumatic Brain Injury

Any one who viewed the ABC Special, "To Iraq and Back", which recounted the severe traumatic brain injuries sustained by Bob Woodruff would have been extremely pleased by his exceptional recovery.

Bob makes a point however of saying that he is one of the rare lucky survivors of traumatic brain injury.  His recovery and the exceptional care that he received is unfortunately not the rule but the rare exception.  He, as do I want the world to know that survivors of traumatic brain injury do not always fair as well as he has.

His recovery was truly miraculous.  The care and attention that he received should be the gold standard for all persons in need of medical and rehabilitation services following a TBI.

Unfortunately, the sad truth of traumatic brain injury is that the care received by many brain injury survivors both in and out of the military is not on the same level as the care that Bob Woodruff received.  Insurance companies routinely deny benefits to those in need, prematurely terminate rehabilitation services and disallow therapies that would improve the quality of life for brain injury survivors.

Many survivors of traumatic brain injury are unable to return to their homes, families and communities because services are non existent or inaccessible to them.  Far to many survivors of traumatic brain injury are left in institutions rather than returned to the community because of their inability to access benefits.

We all should be thankful to Bob Woodruff and his family for coming forward and opening the eyes of the American public to the horrors following traumatic brain injury.  The 5.3 million Americans who have sustained a traumatic brain injury need a Bob Woodruff so that our nation confronts this epidemic and public health crisis.

I look forward to working with Bob and his family to further the mission of the Brain Injury Association of New York State which is to improve the quality of life for persons with a brain injury, their family and friends and to prevent future brain injuries from happening.




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