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Bob Woodruff and Brain Injury Association of America Enter Into Partnership To Raise Awareness Of Brain Injury

Great news from the Brain Injury Association of America on raising awareness of the serious life long consequences of traumatic brain injury and the need for rehabilitation.

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) announced today that they have  entered into a partnership with ABC Anchor Bob Woodruff and his family to raise awareness of brain injury and to administer the newly created Bob Woodruff Family Fund for TBI to assist servicemen and women and their families affected by the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Mr. Woodruff sustained a serious brain injury as a result of an improvised explosive device while on assignment for ABC News in Iraq in January 2006.  Although he received superior care, Bob, his wife Lee, and their extended family recognize that many individuals with brain injury do not receive the services and supports needed to regain their independence.  They also understand the lack of funding in the public, private and military sectors, and best of all, they want to help.

Woodruff Family Fund for TBI

In an effort to “give back” to the people who saved Bob’s life, the family has established the Bob Woodruff Family Fund for TBI.  The Fund will raise money through events and other activities.  Donations will be used to make grants to nonprofit organizations serving members of the military who have sustained a TBI.  In some circumstances, funds may be used to provide direct financial assistance to military personnel and their families and/or grants for medical research, public education, awareness and prevention of TBI. 

Brain Injury Awareness Month Reports

Bob Woodruff will file a series of reports for World News, Good Morning America and Nightline throughout the month of March.  The reports will cover various aspects of brain injury and will include some of the individuals featured in BIAA’s Brain Injury Awareness Month campaign, “Living with Brain Injury: As Diverse as We Are.” 

Bob & Lee Woodruff as Honorary Spokespersons

Where appropriate, allowable and as time permits, Bob Woodruff and members of his family will serve as honorary spokespersons for BIAA by testifying before Congress and recording public service announcements. 

As the President of the Brain Injury Association of New York State, I look forward to working with Bob Woodruff and his family to improve the quality of life for persons with brain injury, their family and friends and to prevent brain injures from occurring.




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