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New neurosurgery tv drama "3lbs" to premier soon

3_lbs A new drama following the lives of two neurosurgeons will premier on CBS on November 14th at 10:00 P.M>   The show is entitled "3lbs"

The show follows a team of top New York City neurosurgeons who explore the brain. The series stars Stanley Tucci as neurosurgeon Doug Hanson and Mark Feuerstein as his protege Dr. Jonathan Seger. Both doctors approach their surgeries different with Doug focusing on the inner workings of the brain, and Jonathan concentrating his efforts on the people themselves. Despite the opposing points of view the doctors share an obsession with the brain and respect each others mutual talents.

Hopefully, the show will touch on the serious issues surrounding brain injury rehabilitation and the slow road to recovery.  Many neurosurgeons unfortunately think that the job is done after they have saved a life and never focus on the life long difficulties that must be dealt with after the acute recovery takes place.

I will be monitoring the show closely.

You can view the first episode on November 9th, before it is officially released on television by clicking here .



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