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Concussions: It's more then an NFL Problem

Since calling for a congressional investigation of the way the NFL is dealing with concussions and their questionable research, I have received many messages from parents whose children have suffered disabling injury because of inappropriate return to play decisions as well as support from retired professional players who describe the culture of indifference of many professional teams.

If you want more proof on the extent of this public health crisis, just look at the story Arizona quarterback Willie Tuitama who has been sidelined for over a month.  He  suffered two concussions this season.  Although he sustained a concussion, he was still allowed to play the next two quarters!

It is obvious that we cannot leave the decision when to return to play to coaches who may be more interested in the win then the health of their players.  We need a rule which prohibits any athlete who has sustained a concussion or a suspected concussion from returning to play.

We need congress to investigate this epidemic. 

You can read the full story by clicking here .



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