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NFL Tackled On Their Way of Dealing With Concussions

It about time that someone looked closely at the nonsense put out by the NFL and their consultant, Elliot Pellman on the dangers of concussions in professional sports.

Peter Keating in this week's ESPN sports magazine ESPN The Magazine has written a blistering attack on how the NFL is dealing with the issue of concussions and the dangers that they are exposing their players to.

In the article, Keating provides an in depth look at the flawed NFL studies and the questionable credentials and methodology used by Dr. Pellman, the NFL consultant on concussions.

The article mentions the Sports Concussion conference sponsored last year by the Brain Injury Association of New York State.  I was the chair person of this conference which brought together some of the leading experts in the field to review the research in this area.   Unfortunately although I had personally invited Dr. Pellman to participate in this panel, he declined to attend.  In the past when I discussed NFL funding for the injury prevention programs sponsored by the Brain Injury Association of New York State, he told me that the NFL had no interest.

For the sake of the safety of our children, now is the time to expose the flagrant callous conduct of the NFL and set the record straight.  Concussions are serious and must be taken seriously by all.   I have been saying for a long time, these teams are sending the wrong message to parents, school coaches and family physicians about the dangers of concussions.  They are exposing their own players to serious life long damages.  It's time that it stops and concussions are recognized for what they are, a serious and potentially life long injury. 

Watch Outside the Lines tackle football's concussion problem on ESPN, Oct. 29 at 9:30 a.m. ET.




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