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If Ben Roethlisberger is allowed to play this Sunday, some one should go to jail!

I can't believe the reports over the AP wire that the Pittsburgh Steelers are even considering allowing quaterback Ben Roethlisberger to return to play this Sunday.

Have these teams lost their minds?

Following today's ESPN magazine story on the illegitimacy of the studies conducted by the NFL on concussions and the mounting medical literature clearly showing the dangerous and long lasting affects of concussions, both singular and multiple, anyone who allows this player with a documented brain injury to go back to play, should,  in my humble opinion go to jail!

At the minimum, it's time that the congressional brain injury task force start conducting some hearings on this scandal in the NFL!  Just like the hearings that took place last year regarding the use of steroids in professional baseball, it's time that Congress demands that the NFL clean up its act when it comes to concussions. And hey, guess what, they get to put the same doctor who defended baseball on the hot seat again.  It's hard to believe that this physician who is not a neurologist, neuropsychologist or rehabilitation professional is allowed to call the shots for the NFL.

Write to your member of congress and demand that the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force investigate this scandal before someone faces a life with brain injury.



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