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Bob Woodruff to Report His Story on ABC News

ABC News has announced that their anchor, Bob Woodruff,  will tell the story of what happened to him in Iraq on Jan. 29 in a special broadcast.

Through interviews with eyewitnesses and the medical teams who saved his life, Woodruff will report on his injuries and his rehabilitation. 

In this special prime time hour, Woodruff will also report on the heroic efforts of the military medical teams that have saved thousands of soldiers' lives and the stories of how those injured soldiers and their families bravely carry on, despite life-altering injuries.

Reportedly, his  experiences this past year will also be recounted in a memoir to be published by Random House that he has written with his wife, Lee Woodruff.

The book will share each of their perspectives and describe their experiences after his convoy was attacked in Iraq while he was embedded with the military.

A portion of the authors' proceeds will go to organizations helping members of the armed forces recovering from traumatic brain injuries.



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