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NASCAR raises over $60,000 for Brain Injury Association

Last thursday, NASCAR racing legends took to the track at Michigan International Speedway to raise funds for the brain injury awareness and brain injury prevention programs of the Brain Injury Assocation of America

This was no ordinary race because the top speed reached was only five miles per hour.  NASCAR drivers took to the track to walk arm and arm with fans to raise safety and prevent traumatic head injuries.   

NASCAR legend Ernie Irvan started the fundraiser after he suffered brain damage in two separate crashes at M-I-S.  Irvan came out of a coma after 23 days and was forced to retire. He decided to sponsor a fund raiser for the Brain Injury Association of America to heighten awareness of the devistating and life long consequences of brain trauma and to remind persons that the best cure for a brain injury is prevention.

Ernie also started his own organization promoting brain injury awareness and brain injury prevention called, Race2Safety.

Thanks Ernie for your efforts on behalf of our national association and brain trauma awareness.



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