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Epilepsy Comic Book

Epilepsy_comic  Thanks MindHacks for the information on the comic book "Eplipetic".  The comic book charts the impact that the author's brother's epilepsy has had on his life and his families.

Originally written in French, when first published in English, Time Magazine described it as "a great work of art" and nominated it as the best graphic novel of the year.

I have not had an opportunity to read it but at MindHack they write that "it is immediately striking both for its honesty and its dream-like (post seizure-like?) approach, where ideas and experiences fill the panels as real as if they were concrete characters of the plot.  The portrayal of epilepsy is accurate and sensitive, and rivals Ray Robinson's novel Electricity for its impact."

Sounds like I need to figure out how to order a copy.  The ISBN number is   0224079204.  Haven't been able to locate it on amazon yet.



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