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Drivers Education Program To Teach Brain Injury Awareness

An interesting drivers education program has been created in Massachusetts aimed at increasing awareness of brain injuries associated with vehicle accidents. 

The Keep Every Youth Safe program, which has been adopted by the Central Massachusetts Safety Council Driving School and others, is a statewide program initiated by the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts.

The program, Keep Every Youth Safe, is running an hour long presentation incorporated in the driver education programs at schools in Central Massachusetts, focusing on why teens get involved in crashes, what happens to drivers and passengers during collisions, how injuries impact the brain and the consequences of those injuries. The program also focuses on how drivers can prevent crashes and avoid the injuries. 

The program incorporates a Power Point presentation and a film that showcases interviews with people who have suffered brain injuries in car accidents and the detrimental effects those injuries have had on their lives.

For more information regarding the Keep Every Youth Safe program, send an e-mail to the program's creator Karen Sullivan 



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