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"Congress Out Of Touch With The Realities & Consequences Of War"

My readers by now know that I am passionate about the care or lack of care that our soldiers returning from Iraq with brain trauma are receiving.  Since the story in USA today broke which discloses the absolute arrogance of the Senate Committee considering funding of a brain injury research center, attention has picked up on this important issue. 

Now the cuts in funding for research into treatment of traumatic brain injuries are drawing sharp criticism from Veterans of Foreign Wars, the largest organization of combat veterans.

Jim Mueller, the VFW’s commander in chief, said a proposal before Congress for a 50 percent cut in funding “clearly indicates that the Congress is out of touch with the realities and consequences of war.”

“You either take care of the troops or you do not,” said Mueller, a Vietnam War veteran.

“For our nation’s lawmakers to deny advanced research that our military has earned with their blood, and for those same lawmakers to espouse patriotism and ‘Support the Troops’ rhetoric from the podium this election year, is shameful, hypocritical, and ignorant,” he said. “This research center is an investment in the future potential of traumatically disabled soldiers. It is not an expense.”

Traumatic brain injury has been repeatedly referred to as the signature wound of the Iraq war. 

It's not to late to get these funds restored.  Contact your United States Senator and Congressman without delay.  Letters to the Editor of your local newspaper might also be helpful. 

Read the full news story in the ARMYTIMES.



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