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Stem Cell Research Bill in Serious Jeopardy of Presidential Veto

Stem cell research presents the greatest promise for those suffering from traumatic brain damage. With over 5.2 million Americans suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI), with brain injury being the signature wound of the Iraq conflict, with a new brain injury occurring in this country every 21 seconds, the benefits of this research are enormous.

The Senate yesterday passed the bipartisan bill to fully fund stem cell research. The bill passed 63 to 37.  Unfortunately,  President Bush intends to use his first ever veto to block stem cell research.  News reports state that he may exercise his veto as early as today!

The President hasn't vetoed one pork barrel spending project since coming to office. Now he is going to veto a bill that may hold the key to saving countless lives?

It's critical to act now!

Tell President Bush now is not the time to use the first veto of his presidency. Urge him to allow stem cell research to go forward now!



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