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International Brain Injury Association Newsletter

The latest issue of the International Brain Injury Association (IBIA) newsletter is now available on line. This issue contains some interesting articles on Progesterone in the Experimental Treatment of Brain Injury: Predictive Criteria for Successful Rehabilitation After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury;  Neuropsychological Assessment of Patients With Low Educational Level and Information on the International Consensus Conference on Impairments of Consciousness Sponsored by Northeast Center for Special Care which I was invited to participate in.  You can read the International Brain Injury Association newsletter by clicking here.

Founded in 1993, the International Brain Injury Association was created in response to the growing demand from professionals and advocates throughout the world for collaboration and more information on all aspects of brain injury, from prevention to long-term care issues.  They put on an interesting annual meeting and a very good journal which comes with your membership as well as access to their list serve. In their latest newsletter there is a pdf link for a membership application. 



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