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New York State Health Department: 13th Annual Traumatic Brain Injury Training Symposium--Call For Presentations

Each year the New York State Department of Health in conjunction with their Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver Program sponsors a one day symposium on Best Practices in working with individuals and their families who have sustained a trauma induced brain damage.

This year's program is scheduled for Thursday, October 12, 2006 in Albany, New York.

The Health Department has extended their deadline for submission of a proposal to present at the conference in one of the following seven areas to July 20th:

  • Best practices in serving persons with brain injury and multiple disabilities
  • Best practices in serving persons with brain injury and substance abuse issues.
  • Best practices in serving persons with brain injury and psychiatric disabilities
  • New initiatives
  • Brain injury and sexuality issues
  • Brain injury and spirituality
  • Best practices in vocational rehabilitation

You can submit a brief abstract of your proposal to:

Laura Roe, Bureau of Long Term Care, Office of Medicaid Management
NYS Department of Health
One Commerce Plaza, Room 826
Albany, NY 12260

Ms. Roe can also be reached by email.

The abstract that you submit should answer these questions:

What is the title of the presentation?  Who are the presenters?  How can they be contacted? Describe the success and challenges overcome.  What makes this a best practice? What did you learn from this experience?  What will the audience learn from your presentation?  What is the maximum and minimum amount of time necessary to share your experiences?

Remember the deadline for submission is July 20th.





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