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New Helmets For Marines

A congressional panel is meeting today to hear testimony regarding the need to change the design of helmets used by marine troops in Iraq in order to protect against brain damage.

Different branches of the armed forces are using different type helmets to protect troops.  The Army is using a helmet designed with additional padding to prevent the movement of the head within the helmet and thus reduce the risk of concussions.

On the other hand, the Marines have refused to change the design of their helmets to provide this protection.

Operation_capture  Among those testifying in today's hearings is singer Cher who has mounted a campaign to change the mind of the Marines.  A group known as Operation Helmet has been started by concerned parents and citizens to provide funding to soldiers to incorporate the padding into their helmets.

A full account of this story is contained in:  Marines' families knocking heads with Corps brass for helmets .



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